Paradise Lost

We arrived in Hawaii, in the very early hours after a six hour flight from LA. We had a poky hotel room in a dated hotel next to the very noisy elevators. The effect was like trying to sleep at the end of a bowling alley. A change of room was negotiated in the morning which will hopefully lead to a better night of sleep later.

We have explored Waikiki, Honolulu. The place is full of contrasts.

The sky and sea are beautiful shades of blue and turquoise. The sand is like white powder under your feet. The surf is playful and the sea is warm. So far, so paradise.

Yet Honolulu is a cityscape, with high rises, shopping malls and heavy traffic, just inches from the beach. It has a very cosmopolitan feel with a rich mix of American and Japanese influences.

If you want the relaxing picture postcard seclusion if the paradise island, you have to move further afield. It’s not that Honolulu is not enjoyable, only that the noise and bustle of commerce, detracts from the natural beauty around you.

Despite the big city feel, you can’t help but notice the wonderful Flora and fauna all around you. Waikiki is rich and vibrant. We have only caught a tiny glimpse of some of the birds, with their unusual calls. The trees are magestic and the flowers overflow with vibrancy. Nothing that humans create can compare with nature.

We leave Oahu (where Honolulu is located) tomorrow and move on to our farm experience on the Big Island, as they call it here; that’s Hawaii to you and me.

Did you know that Spam is a thing here? Not those annoying emails we get, but the tinned meat that was a staple if the 40s and 50s. For some reason it never went out of fashion here and is served in many popular dishes. Who knew?

Little man should not be hard to spot this time. He likes Hawaii so far. We’re still wanting suggestions for what to call him.